Supriya’s initial learning in ceramics was with Ray Meeker and Deborah Smith at the Golden Bridge Pottery in Pondicherry,  and later with the Charles Wallace Award, she further explored ceramics with Sandy Brown in Devon, UK.


At GBP she had learned to have a form in mind before creating and later in the UK was introduced to 'Letting Go' - as in let the form happen using the intuitive mind.  She uses both these extreme ways of working which gets her on an adventurous journey.  She loves to paint in colours, so this also is added to the ceramics. 


Losing her studio to a tsunami in 2004, she began to study Ikebana with Valeria Raso Matsumoto, this has been an incredible opening and of disciplining of the mind, while creating with nature and learning the harmony and the shapes.


A thought, an idea, a vision starts the process of creating and then while making intuitive energy takes lead. Finally, the fire completes the works.


The three mediums interflow to create the forms.